Why Upgrading in New Technologies So Important Now?

Why Upgrading in New Technologies So Important Now?
I started my career in IT industry in 2001. The technology on which I was working that time, soon became obsolete. I learnt new technology which existed for a very long time. Though few changes were added to it, but it was easier to learn those changes and implement. I noticed that once people were expert in those technologies in 2-3 years of time, they were quite comfortable and continued with the same technologies for a long time. Not much learning was there.

But the scenario has changed over the period of time. Mostly from the year 2012, many new technologies emerged and were in use like DevOps, AWS Cloud Computing, Big Data etc. In the last few years, few more technologies got added in the list like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation, Google Cloud, Data Science etc.

You don’t have to learn these new technologies to just stay on top of the crowd, rather the scenario here is that if you don’t upgrade yourself now, it will be very late. Possibly, you might be out of the industry as well. Few of these technologies are not even “Good to Have”, those have become “Must Have”. For example, Cloud Computing is no more a niche. It’s a mandate now as many applications are now moving to Cloud and using some or other Cloud services.

So, don’t wait further and upgrade yourself in couple of these new technologies to remain updated and understand how the industry is progressing further.

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