Become Google Cloud Architect in Just 2 Months

Without Memorizing Anything – Just By Understanding

Develop a Thought-Process like an Architect

2-months program to grow your career as Google Cloud Architect

2-months program to grow your career as Google Cloud Architect

Transform your Career with Google Cloud

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Week 1

 BONUS Course

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Uses Cases by large IT organizations and startups
  • Google Cloud Introduction
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure
  • Resource Manager
  • Google Cloud Billing
  • Google Cloud Identity & Access Management

Week 2

  •  Computing Fundamentals
  • Google Compute Service options
  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Google Cloud Run
  • When to choose which Compute service?

Week 3

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Networking in Google Cloud
  • Firewall Rules, Route table
  • Advanced Networking
    • VPC Peering
    • Shared VPC
    • NAT Gateway
    • Bastion Host
    • VPN
    • Cloud Routers
    • Interconnect options
    • When to choose which option?

Week 4

  •  Google Cloud Storage
  • Emergence of Databases
  • RDBMS Database Services in Google Cloud
  • NoSQL Emergence
  • NoSQL Database Services in Google Cloud
  • When to choose which Database option?

Week 5

  • Big Data Evolution
  • Big Data Services on Google Cloud
    • Cloud Pub/Sub
    • Dataproc
    • Dataflow
    • Dataproc vs Dataflow
    • Data Studio
    • BigQuery
  •  DevOps Overview
  • Deployment Manager
  • Containerization Concept
  • Google Kubernetes Service

Week 6

  •  Google Cloud Load Balancers
  • Autoscaling in Google Cloud
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Google Cloud Operations Suite 

Week 7

  •  Architecting on Google Cloud
  • Security Concerns and handling on Google Cloud
  • Cost-effectiveness on Google Cloud 

Week 8

  •  Google Cloud Professional Architect Case Studies
    • EHR Healthcare
    • Helicopter Racing League
    • Mountkirk Games
    • TerramEarth 


  •  Multiple sets of Practice Questions to
    • Check Your Knowledge 
    • Readiness for Professional Cloud Architect Certification 

amazing feature 1

After completing this program, you will develop a Cloud Architect mindset and start thinking & visualizing things from Cloud perspective

Amazing feature 3

Hands-on activities on real-time Google Cloud environment - not on any simulated environment

Amazing feature 2

You can start getting involved in Google Cloud related work in your project

Amazing feature 4

Everything covered from Beginner to Advanced level

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2-months program to grow your career as Google Cloud Architect

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