Looking for Cloud Certification || AWS Certification?? || Google Cloud Certification??

Looking for Cloud Certification || 

AWS Certification?? || Google Cloud Certification??

Still thinking that why it is important to upgrade in new technologies?? Refer the article Why Upgrading in New Technologies So Important Now?
Organizations are moving towards Cloud adoption. There are many Cloud providers but AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure are among the top choices, in terms of services used across organizations. If you want to build your career in Cloud, you need to start ASAP. It’s been few years when organizations started transforming their digital journey to the Cloud. There are still many organizations which are still on their way to cloud adoption. So, this is the right time to take a step towards Cloud, if you have not taken so far.
I completed below Cloud certifications –
  • AWS Solution Architect certification in Jan-2019
  • Google Cloud – Professional Cloud Architect certification in Jan-2020

Based on my experience, I am sharing the pointers which may help you in completing the AWS / GCP certification. If you are looking for any of the certification then it is very important that you understand below points –

1. AWS / GCP services and its key features – based on the certification you are targeting, you need to understand that Cloud’s services. If you have understood key features of AWS / GCP services, you will be able to remove 1 or 2 incorrect options from the given choices for each question in the certification exam.
2. When to use which service – this is where you need to understand the use cases for each service. if you have understood major use cases for each service, you will be either able to figure out the correct option for the question or will have reduced the possible choices.
3. Read the question carefully – this is the most important part of finding the correct option from the given choices for each question. This is because there will be few key words in question that will help you to reach to the correct option, for example – “Cost-effective solution“, “High Availability“, “Disaster Recovery“, “RTO/RPO“, “Real-time“, “Batch processing” and many more such key words. There might be more than 1 choices given in the question which will appear correct to you, that’s where you need to understand these key words, as based on its distinguishing feature, you will reach to the correct answer.
If you are preparing for AWS or GCP certification or planning to do so, here is how I can help you with.
I will frequently publish articles on my blog on ArchitectureSimplified that will help you in completing AWS and GCP certifications, so subscribe to the blog and follow on LinkedIn and join Telegram group to read new articles. These articles will mainly focus on pointers #2 & 3. 

If you have any doubt in particular services of AWS and GCP, comment below and mention your pain areas, so that I can help you with the solution and will create an article to address your problem.

If you are newbie to the Cloud world, comment below. We have a private playlist on YouTube to cover Cloud Computing concepts that will help you to ease your Cloud understanding. If you need access, join the Telegram GCP Study Group and connect with admin to get the access.

If you are planning to complete AWS Solution Architect certificate or GCP – Professional Cloud Certificate, check our Specialized Courses

Keep reading our Blog to get more updates on technology trends and services provided by ArchitectureSimplified.

Start Learning! All the best for your Cloud journey!

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