Google Services Outage

Google has such a great infrastructure and wide network connectivity across the world. But today 14-Dec-2020, there was an outage in Gmail, YouTube and few other Google services as well for some time. It is restored now. 

During this downtime- so many messages float on internet that why Gmail is not working or YouTube is not working.  
This outage was not usual, but it happened.  This downtime caused worry in few people as they thought that there is some problem with their Gmail account. 
It is said that problem was caused related to Google’s authentication tool. So, the services which requires authentication, faced the issue. If you were already logged in, then the service was working fine.
This is a great example to understand why keeping your application up & running all the time is so important. You should plan for Disaster Recovery and should have strong backup strategy. Along with that, your entire architecture should be designed in such a way that all the components are resilient and provide high availability.
Google has already taken care of High Availability and resiliency of its applications, still there was an outage. This caused worry in few customers. Can you imagine if you do not take care of high availability in your application and it causes outage, how bad it can be for success of your application? So, having a resilient and high availability architecture is very important for success of your application.
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