Cloud Computing Use Cases

Since last few years, Cloud Computing has  gained lots of popularity. It has been adopted by IT companies across different industries.  Organisations dealing with big data, data science and machine learning have also adopted Cloud Computing due to its infrastructural & other benefits.  That’s the reason why most of the people now are focusing towards growing their career in cloud computing.
Most of the people who are completely new to cloud computing – start their cloud journey by directly learning cloud services of any cloud provider. 
Even after learning the services, when they attempt to solve scenario-based problems, they are mostly unable to do so.  Do you know why?
Because they don’t even understand the scenario. They don’t understand what is the real problem for which they need to provide the solution.
Because they have not followed the optimized way to learn cloud computing. Would you like to know what is the most optimized path for cloud journey?
You can directly start learning any of the cloud provider services, if you have below understanding-
  1. architectural-level understanding of  software application development
  2. understanding of the various Use Cases where Cloud Computing can provide benefits

But if you have not worked on the architectural aspects of software application development , then you should follow below path –

  1. first understand the cloud computing concepts
  2. next, understand what are different Use Cases where Cloud Computing can be helpful for better performance, scalability, availability and other non-functional requirements of the application. Understand that what problem areas are solved by adopting cloud services in a given scenario.
  3. once you have understood the problem areas where cloud computing can be helpful, then you can pick up any cloud provider and learn its services.
Most of the people who don’t have architectural background, when they directly learn cloud services and try to solve scenario-based problem, they go back to spend time in understanding the Cloud Computing Use Cases and its impact on the application architecture. That’s why their learning path becomes more time-consuming.
So, understanding Cloud Computing Use Cases is very important. This knowledge can help you to solve the scenario-based problems more effectively and you can optimize your cloud journey in less time.


Practical Implementation of Cloud Computing in IT Businesses course on Udemy is for those who wants to become Cloud Architect. If you want to become Cloud Expert, this course will give you a  transformational experience.

You will learn –
1. How to take architectural decisions leveraging cloud computing.
2. How to grow career in Cloud related work in IT?
3. What is future of Cloud Computing?
4. How Large IT organizations are using Cloud Computing?
5. How Small online business and Start-ups can use Cloud Computing to grow their businesses?

This is a to-the-point and a crisp course. The couple of hours spent on this course will help you save many hours when you will learn any cloud service.
So, go ahead and grab the FREE copy of the Udemy course and optimize your cloud learning journey.

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