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Corona Virus!!! Offices are closed or provided Work From Home! Can’t go anywhere out for a vacation! Want to avoid going to public places. Not sure what to do in this case??

This is the time which you can utilize in learning new technologies. Are you still thinking that Why spend time in learning new technologies ??

Are you new to Cloud Computing?? Or, preparing for any of the Cloud Computing certification??
So, here is the opportunity – ArchitectureSimplified provides training on Cloud Computing for FREE online.

Cloud Computing is adopted by all the organizations. Even if you are working as a Web Developer or a Data Engineer or performing any other role, you need to have basic understanding of Cloud Computing. Depending on the role you are performing, the expectation of Cloud Computing proficiency can vary. But you should definitely have basic understanding of Cloud Computing.

So, thinking about where to start the Cloud journey? Are you looking for professional guidance?? Are you looking for completing Cloud certificates??

Looking out for free guidance??

If the answer is yes, then you are at right place!!

Free Online Course: Cloud Computing

This is the place from where you can start learning Cloud Computing. The course is starting from
 22 March 2020.

Register for FREE Cloud Computing Course. Fill in all the details in the Registration Form then you will receive an email with all the details of joining the Cloud Computing course online.

Attend the course and get your Cloud journey started!!!

Check our Specialized Courses to complete AWS Solution Architect or GCP – Professional Cloud Architect certification. Keep reading our Blogs to get more updates on technology trends and services provided by ArchitectureSimplified.

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