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Services Offered

Google Cloud Challenge Masterclass

The Google Cloud Challenge Masterclass is a 5-Day program to help you understand the Google Cloud services with hands-on activity to launch your first web application on the Google Cloud Platform directly – not on any simulated environment.

Google Cloud Architecture Training

The Google Cloud Architecture program is a comprehensive 2-months long program with all the details and hands-on provided to help to complete GCP – Professional Cloud Architect exam and help you become a Google Cloud Architect.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

We provide consulting to help you setup and work with Google Cloud.

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Google Cloud Training 

If you want to grow your career in Google Cloud or looking for Google Cloud Certification then this is the best solution provided to you. This program focuses on giving Cloud services understanding from architectural aspect in the most simplified way – so that you know what is the best solution available from the given options while appearing in the exam. This understanding will help you while designing the Cloud Solution for your real-time projects as well.
This training program is created for individuals.
You can get more details on the Google Cloud Training and Contact Us for your queries.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

We provide a streamlined Cloud Adoption experience to Corporates, Small-Medium Businesses and Startups.
We work as an advisor to our customers. We provide Google Cloud Consulting to our clients and help them adopt Google Cloud into their services.

You can Contact Us for any query regarding the service.

Google Cloud Corporate Training

We provide Google Cloud training to Small-Medium Businesses and Startups.
We provide customized training to our customers depending on their Cloud-level understanding and requirement.

We help Small-Medium Businesses and Startups to setup their Google Cloud skill base to take up any Google Cloud related work.

You can Contact Us for any query regarding the Corporate training or Google Cloud Skill base setup service.

About Us

We are experienced professional with many years of experience in IT Industry. We carry in-depth understanding of different technologies. Based on our expertise, we provide various services to Corporates, Small-scale & Medium-scale businesses and Startups on Google Cloud Adoption & training to help the customer setup Cloud skill base in their organization itself.

We have specialized programs to understand architectural aspects of the Cloud Computing and how Cloud services can be leveraged based on the requirement of the customer.

Architecture Simplified also provides insights of Technology Trends and Architectural aspects of various niche Software Technologies like Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. In the last few years, many new technologies emerged and there are so many demands for these technologies. This platform provides insights of those technologies through our blogs.

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