About Us

We are experienced professionals with many years of experience in IT Industry. We carry in-depth understanding of different technologies. Based on our expertise, we provide various services to Corporates, Small-scale & Medium-scale businesses and Startups on Cloud Migration & trainings on Cloud to help the customer setup Cloud skill base in their organization itself.

We have specialized programs to understand architectural aspects of the Cloud Computing and how Cloud services can be leveraged based on the requirement of the customer.

We provide RPA – Blue Prism training and Advisory services to our customers.

We have designed spacial program on how Inclusion & Diversity culture can be adopted in all organizations as it is an integral part of our work culture.

ArchitectureSimplified also provides insights of Technology Trends and Architectural aspects of various niche Software Technologies like Cloud, RPA, Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps etc.  In the last few years, many new technologies emerged and there are so many demands for these technologies. This platform provides insights of those technologies through our blogs.